Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Blog!!

I'm excited to announce the launch of my new blog!! This is so exciting because I am beginning a new journey with photography. Starting a new chapter, but also sadly closing one that is dear to my heart. This blog has been my heart and soul and the paving of my photography adventure. I will look back on this blog fondly and reminisce over so many great memories and where my passion began.

Continue following my journey at my new site Jenny Beck Photography. Take Care!

And because I love dogs.... I now found the kind of dog I want!! This is Ermie, he is the cutest and he is a Schnoodle!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good Old College Friends

Good food, wine, concert and old college friends. Life is good! Last weekend my parents had a small get together with some of their college friends before they all went to a jazz concert in town. I came home mid party, but they were telling stories and laughing non stop! It was pretty entertaining, so I pulled out my camera for a few shots! Good thing they all had fun and hammed it up a bit for the camera! haha

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Chicago was such a blast on the 4th of July weekend! I will definitely be heading back again this fall! We cooked out, took a picnic down to watch fire works by the lake Michigan, then drove up to Lake Geneva for the last day. Elaine and Gregg, thanks so much for hosting it was such a great time!!

Lake Geneva

Sunday, July 19, 2009

CHICAGO {Preview}

Here's a small sneak peak of my 4th of July weekend in Chicago! I visited my good friend from high school, Elaine. We went to the beach, grilled out, saw fireworks down by the shore and made it up to Lake Geneva for the last night. Elaine and I always have a great time when we're together! Hopefully I'll see you in Columbus soon!!


Ahhh.... home sweet home! I'm finally home to stay after several weekends of traveling! I've had a ball visiting with good friends and family over the last few weeks! I did Colorado, Chicago and just returned from northern Michigan (don't worry my friends, I was nowhere near Ann Arbor!).

Katie and The Millers, thanks again for having us! We had such a great time!

Here are some of the highlights of Denver and Breckenridge. There's more to come from Chicago and Michigan!

Katie makes the BEST kookies! They are seriously the best I've ever had. She's definitely got great recipes...she showed me how to make them, but of course they weren't the same! Katie, I need another lesson!!

This is the local bar we made a few trips to. The locals call it 'The Spot' though...interesting...

In Breckenridge, we went on a hike through the old mining areas that just recently opened to the public. The Millers are such a neat and active couple! They lead a hike once a week through different trails in the summer.

Hopped on the ski lift for great views and a ride back down!

Found a lot of farmer's markets going on! So many good foods! We bought fixings for a small picnic to take to the Red Rock Amphitheater for lunch!

....still daydreaming of Kaite's Kookies......delicious!

On our last night in Denver, we went to Jazz in the Park. We bought more picnic food at the markets and enjoyed wine and great company. We had a great time visiting with friends from town that we don't get to see enough!

Our last afternoon, we stopped at the Denver Botanic Gardens for another picnic. It was another gorgeous day and a great end to a perfect trip!